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Welcome to the Parc Adfer construction website.

Construction began on the Parc Adfer facility at Deeside Industrial Park, North Wales in January 2017 and is due to be completed in summer 2019. As contracts are let, there will be employment opportunities throughout the construction phase, depending on the skills required.

You can  submit your CV to us via email: info@parcadferconstruction.co.uk and we will pass your details to the relevant contractor.

For more information on the Parc Adfer project please visit the Parc Adfer website.

Croeso i wefan adeiladu Parc Adfer.

Dechreuodd y gwaith adeiladu ar gyfleuster Parc Adfer ym Mharc Diwydiannol Glannau Dyfrdwy, Gogledd Cymru ym mis Ionawr 2017 ac mae disgwyl y bydd wedi’i gwblhau erbyn haf 2019. Wrth i gontractau gael eu gosod, bydd cyfleoedd cyflogaeth drwy gydol y cyfnod adeiladu, yn dibynnu ar y sgiliau sydd eu hangen.

 Gallwch gyflwyno eich CV i ni drwy e-bost: info@parcadferconstruction.co.uk ac fe wnawn anfon eich manylion at y contractwr perthnasol.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am brosiect Parc Adfer, ewch i wefan Parc Adfer .

Media statement: 25 May 2018

In response to Unite the Union’s recent allegations, a spokesperson for CNIM said:

“CNIM has followed good practice in the UK for more than 20 years and with regards to the Parc Adfer project, we have been clear that it complies fully with UK law and observes all relevant UK legislation.

“We are disappointed that Unite continues to make these erroneous allegations about the company. CNIM has maintained an ongoing dialogue with the trade unions during the course of the construction of the Parc Adfer energy-from-waste facility.

“The company has met Unite on a number of occasions including two site visits, with a further visit scheduled for next month. Unite attended the first jobs fair last year and was invited to the second one earlier this week, but did not attend.

“CNIM has agreed and actioned a number of requests from the trade unions. These include:

External audit on local labour numbers
Proportion of agency employees working on the project
Quality Assurance inspection of worker accommodation
Contractor and supplier lists
HSE site visit from regional and national inspectors
Information on the project Health and Safety Committee
Project health and safety statistics
Audit of main sub-contractors against CNIM’s Good Practice Guide
Bell curve for worker numbers and trades for the rest of CNIM’s contract
Continuation of site visits with access to workers

“In line with CNIM’s Good Practice Guide, the procurement of all contracts on the Parc Adfer project meets or exceeds the Welsh Government’s Code of Conduct. The voluntary living wage is the minimum rate of pay. There is a request by the unions that we adopt a voluntary collective agreement that is currently only being used on four other construction projects in the UK. This agreement would require significant additional pay and conditions. Given it is a voluntary agreement and was not specified when the companies were tendering, to retrospectively apply it would require funds that the local authorities, who are duty bound to make the best use of public funds, do not have.

“CNIM does not compromise health and safety on its sites and we dispute that health and safety, welfare provision and training is being undermined at Parc Adfer. We have had inspections by the local authority and HSE, which were exemplary.

“At the unions’ request, we invited HSE to inspect the site again last week. The inspectors were impressed with the site with no observations or advice.

“Welfare facilities have been independently inspected by the North Wales Residual Waste Partnership, with no concerns raised. Unite has also seen the facilities and did not raise any concerns either so we are particularly surprised at this allegation.

“Training is provided as required and no one is allowed on site without having had the necessary training relevant to their role.

“CNIM has committed to investigate rigorously any case of malpractice and has invited the trade unions to bring forward any specific incidences.

“The claim that CNIM excludes local workers is also not true. CNIM has been working according to the Welsh Government Code of Conduct, which sets out best practice regarding labour for projects like this. We require our sub-contractors to work to the same guidelines. A recent audit showed that 35% of the workforce on site at that point in time was local.

“We held a jobs fair last year, which was attended by more than 150 people and since then, we have had an additional 200 people express interest in employment. Our most recent jobs fair, held earlier this week, saw a further 100 people register interest in the project. As well as CNIM, exhibitors included sub-contractors, recruitment and employment support agencies, and GMB – not Unite.

“There are 30 local companies who are currently or have been employed on site, and there will be more to come as construction continues.”