Will agency staff be employed on the site?

Yes, there may well be times when labour is sourced through agencies or principal labour suppliers as they are sometimes known. As part of the subcontracting agreements, we will ensure that their terms and conditions comply or exceed the national minimum rates of pay and conditions. Any vacancies given to agencies will also be required to be advertised locally. Lastly, we will ensure that any sole traders are given the opportunity to apply for vacancies through dedicated companies that meet our policies.

What proportion of staff is expected to be employed through agencies?

As the numbers of people on site vary, it is not possible to estimate this figure at this stage. We have already held a ‘meet the buyer’ event and will probably look at an additional event part way through the project as we are keen to recruit local companies, with local workers. It is unlikely we will have a clear figure until we reach the end of the project as many companies could still come forward to take part.

Will there be any use of umbrella companies?

No. It is our policy that there will not be any umbrella companies involved in the project.