Site status and conditions

Is the site categorized as NAECI?

No. The project was tendered by the local authority partnership in line with procurement guidelines and guidance issued by the Welsh Government. The guidance did not specify the use of NAECI, so the project is not a NAECI designated site.

Will every worker be paid the living wage or above?

Yes. Workers aged 25 or over and not in the first year of an apprenticeship will be paid at least the National Living Wage and those under 25 will be paid at least National Minimum Wage, as stated by UK law.

How will pay rates compare to appropriate National Agreements (e.g. NAECI, CIJC/ WRA)?

Rates of pay at Parc Adfer will meet or exceed the relevant minimum rates of pay. National pay agreements vary in their scope, and they are a vital aspect of construction in enabling the project to proceed smoothly.

Sub-contractors to CNIM who employ workers for mechanical, electrical and associated trades will, however, pay rates and employ their workers under conditions which are broadly comparable to those set out in the NAECI Agreement.

Please also note that for the applicable scope of civil and building works, the CIJC/WRA minimum pay rates will be in place with the relevant construction sub-contractors.